Sweden Study Visa

Sweden is the most wonderful and most desired country in the level of education as well as in development. Most of the peoples are preferred towards this country to study in Sweden and develop or excellent their future to touch the 7th sky. We are here to inform you about all detail or information the student visa that how Pakistani obtain into this country for study and what kind of rules and regulations they have to follow and become the truth part of it way their dream in a practical way and had the feather of success to fly. So, those candidates who wanted to go move Sweden firstly has to give permission from the Govt of Sweden to stay over there legally in order to complete their study Bachelors or even Masters Course. As many numbers of the scholarships, every year and studying courses have been an online advertisement in order to fulfill the desires of applicants and for a development of their bright future. Let’s go towards its applying all legal procedure, what kind of documents requirements and visa processing.

If your want to study in Sweden for more than three months course then you will require a residence permit. This will need to be entered into your current passport which at least 6 months before and if you will arrive in Sweden for study purpose so you will need to complete the process in advance.


First, you must meet all requirements which are:


·         You must have to study full-time in any institute

·         You must have admission letter from the organization confirming your enrolment to a course of study

·         You must have to participate in an organized exchange program

·         When your course of study ends you must have fully intended for leave Sweden

·         You must be able to provide the name of the person or organization who can be contacted

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