How To Apply

Here are the steps to follow when you are interested in applying for the Italy study visa:

·         The first and the essential step is to drop the application to the intended university to get recognition from the known Italy universities.

·         The passport should be valid for at least the 6 months after submission of the application in the universities.

·         Your four fresh photographs are needed with the white background for submitting the request for the study visa.

·         If you got a scholarship from the Italian government, cultural organization, and international organization or from the foreign governments and the universities, you have a proof of having it.

·         The amount of the scholarship needs to meet all the requirements that are required to stay in Italy. It is definitely not going to less than the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The study visa for the Italy is easily getting if and only if you got the scholarship program from the desired university there. Your admission certificate will help you in getting the application student visa without any issue. 

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