Documents Required

·         Application Form for applying the student visa for Italy

·         One passport sized photograph for the application

·         One blank page of the valid passport is required

·         Fund’s announcements is also compulsory for the legal statement

Here are the list of the requirements that are needed for the application of the student visa

·         Medical insurance is demanded for staying in Italy

·         The approval letter from the educational institute that addresses the Italian consulate General for recognizing you for study visa application. In this, there are clear details of the Italian language course on a grammatical level in addition to basic programs.

·         The allusion letter that is proved from the educational institute. You will get the updates of the application status from the Parola School.

·         Provide the authentic guarantee of the expenses that are required for the selected program of the educational institute.

·         The address of the student’s accommodation evidence is needed

·         Provide the proof of private family resource

·         The Bank statement is required in the country in addition to the cheques that are delivered to the traveler’s to estimate the income of yours accessibility in Italy.

·         It is necessary to declare the accessibility in Italy to have to show the return ticket plane to the necessary funds for exile.  The insurance is also required for the hospitalization and medical treatment. The resources should be proofed.

·         The consular declaration is important for the certifying the right candidates to healthcare for the specific deals to manifestation between the student’s homeland and the Italy. In the form, the sign of the Italian organizations is required. These companies include the emergency hospitality charges exception. It is also possible that may the universities will provide the healthcare insurance but is not compulsory.

·         The academic records are required

·         Three copies of the visa form with all the authentic documents are also demanded at time. It is also FedEx

Get prepared for the DOV (Declaration of Equal Value)

The essential thing that requires a lot of time is to prepare the DOV (Declaration of Equal value).

Here are all the requirements whether they are modern and advanced for the DOC. It may be changes with the time period or yearly. So it is good to concern with the Italian embassy before submitting the documents.

·         Original bachelor’s degree or the post graduate degree is required with verified 3 copies of them from the Higher Examination Commission (HEC) and the ministry of foreign matters departments. The degree that is provided should also be translated into the Italian language.

All the original educational records with the three copies that are verified by the Higher Examination Commission and ministry of foreign affairs. It should not require in Italian language.

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