How To Apply

If you are searching to apply for the study visa in Germany, you have to move to the country at least three months earlier. For this purpose you have to make a contact with the Local German embassy and the consultants.

You have to provide the authentic prove t them that you have applied for the university, which has given the student an approval that he/ she is eligible for the admission in the university in the selective respective course.

Apply for the student Visa because it is not possible to swap the two different visas with each other. So it is compulsory that you have to be careful while preceding visa from the local embassy.

International student who applied for the particular course in Germany should bound to follow the following rules:

·         Language course Visa can’t be converted into student Visa and is only valid till the course completion

·         If student are not enrolled in University, three month student visa is valid, after enrollments it is converted into permanent residing Visa from the foreign affairs.

Provide the financial support certificate for a student visa and admission proof for one year from the institution.

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