Documents Required

The many visa agents in your country who will provide you specific guidelines about all process which documents you need to provide, this can be different depending on your location. If you want assistance then you can get relief at your nearest visa application center (VAC).

The process for getting a Canadian student visa is as follows:

  • Must be completed application form
  • Original letter of acceptance from the institution
  • A valid passport or travel documents, which also permit you to return to your country and if you live in the U.S.A then this is not essential.
  • The conformation of financial support during your studies that represent: tuition fee + 833 CAD/month (for all provinces, except Quebec) and tuition fee + 917 CAD/month (Quebec).
  • A letter of clarification.
  • If your aim to study in Quebec then you will also need a Certificate acceptation for your document Québec, English and French translations and a statement from the translator side that is the proof a certified copy of the original documents.
  • Evidence that you paid the 150 CAD fee and other charges (TRE: 200 CAD/ eTA: 7 CAD).
  • Two recent passport-size photographs with specifications of your name and date of birth on the back.

Additional Documents 

Many peoples of the following extra Canadian student visa requirements may also apply:

Some applicants from certain countries will necessity to need biometrics such as photograph and fingerprints.

Some applicants before submitting their application may also need to police check up and obtain a medical exam. If you have any criminal record, you will not be suitable to obtain a study permit, you may be asked to provide evidence Police Clearance Certificate as a proof.

If you’re living in US or St. Pierre and Miquelon, you must require to proving you have an accurate passport which allows you to return to your home country after your course is complete. Two passport-sized pictures are also must be required, with specifications your name and date of birth written on the back.

Canadian student visa requirements also require evidence of funds to support during your study. At present this is considered to be C$10,000 (~US$7,070) for every year of your stay (C$11,000/~US$7,780 if you’re applying to study in Quebec) on top of your tuition fees. You will also allow making sure you have a sufficient amount to pay for transportation to return home.

You can allow any of the following documents that to prove you have this money such as bank statements, proof of a Canadian account in your name if the money’s been transferred, a bank draft in a convertible currency, a letter from a person or university providing you with money, evidence of your tuition fee and accommodation fees, if you have a scholarship or are undertaking a Canadian-funded program then you have a proof of funding paid from within Canada.

When study and work permit holders from visa-exempt countries who received their permit on or before 31 July 2015 will have to get an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) as of 15 March 2016 to return to Canada. Applicants who get their study or work permit on or after 1 August 2015 will automatically be issued an eTA along with their permit.

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