Canada Study Visa

Canada every year welcomes more than 130,000 students from the foreign administration. When you are going to study in Canada, you’ll need to acquire a Canadian study permit, which provides as a Canadian student visa for the period of your stay. If your course and program last six months or three months then you do not need a permit Canadian study visa. However, it’s the best idea to apply for the permit before you once come to Canada and if you already decided you want to continue your studies in any other program then you’ll not need to leave Canada, you just apply for a study permit through a visa office.

If you decide to continue your studies in Canada and once you have a Canadian study permit then you can apply to renew it. When students registered for full-time study at an approved higher education institution and a study permit also allows all students that they are worked part-time on campus. You may also be qualified to work off-campus, work as an intern as part of your program within a campus and after graduate you stay in Canada as a permanent resident or find work.

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