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   For those of you looking to study abroad, USA is a prime destination to make that happen. But if you fear that finance can be a hurdle in your way, then you can always opt for scholarships in USA for Pakistani students. The institution in the United States are top notch, widely renowned across the globe, and students can benefit from it greatly.

However, the scholarships are in limited number. And since there are a large number of students willing to study abroad, the chances become slimmer. However, if you are a worthy aspirant, you have high chances of shaping your future by applying in some renowned programs in the USA and benefit greatly.

Since we understand that scholarships are the best way for those students who can’t afford to study higher, selecting an international scholarship in the US will help you with your future goals. There are plenty of scholarships to choose from. From mathematics, sciences, economics, business to a lot more, you can select a program you aspire for. We have compiled a list of programs that have been gathered from some of the best institutions in the US. Take a look at the grants, fellowships, awards or scholarships, whichever you feel is good for you.

  • American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarships 2018-19

    The American University Global Leader Scholarships program is directed to brilliant international students who want to continue Bachelor’s Degree in the United States. Scholarship program aims to be in search of civic and social change. It is planned for those people who will return back to their home country to improve the life of underserved and under-resourced societies.

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  • Multiple Master Scholarship in USA for Pakistani Students 2018-19

    University of People offers the brilliant students two years of association and the 4 years programs of bachelor in the field of health sciences, Business Administration, IT and as well as MBA program.

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  • Master Scholarships at University of the People, USA 2018-19

    University of the People is offering two years associate and 4-year bachelor’s programs in the field of IT, Health Sciences, Business Administration as well as MBA program, which are suited for many foreign students thinking about enrolling in Education Abroad programs.

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  • Undergraduate Scholarships at University of Southern California, USA 2017

    In the USA, the University of Southern California offers the international freshman academic Scholarship programs for the 2018 – 2019 academic year. The university campus is a private research university in the United States of America (USA); it is located in the Los Angeles, California. The university is founded in the year 1880 and is one of the oldest private universities in the research in the city.

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  • Merit-Based BS Program Scholarships for Pakistani Students, 2017

    The Pakistan University is a springboard for learning. The education is committed the high-quality teaching with the excellent interactive culture. We develop the strong relationship and support system between the staff and the students.

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  • American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship

    The American University is offering the emerging leader scholarship is basic deliver to the high-achieving international students who are dedicated and wish to pursue their dreams in the US. The scholarship is given to the students to provide civic and social change. These are delivering to the students who then come back to their home land and improve the undeserved, under- resourced communities.

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