Scholarships in France

  France is a great place for many; it’s romantic but at the same time, it offers great education. There are many amazing institutions residing in France and students from all across the globe go there to study. But if you are amongst those who cannot afford to study abroad let alone in your own country because of finances, you can always choose a scholarship program. All the best universities in France provide scholarships to needy aspirants who wish for a bright future.

The French institutions are some of the best in the world offering quality education and grant programs. Scholarships in France for Pakistani students are an easy way to make your way to the best universities. If you are a worthy student with the desire to make things change for you, chances are they might select you for their program.

You need to read the details and instructions before you enroll in any program to avoid any confusion or hardships. Each program requires a set of eligibility factors that need to be fulfilled before you can apply. If you fall full on them, you can apply for the program.

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship at University of Bordeaux, France 2018

    University of Bordeaux, France, asked for scholarship applications from Pakistani students who want to pursue a Postdoctoral Fellowship in France under the direction of Dr. Glenna Drisko, who established this programme. Under this fellowship candidate will be required working in the Chimie des Nanomatériaux teams as the project will be integrated by ICMBC and LabEx, which are the academic partners of this project.

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