Scholarships in Australia

   If you are one of those people thinking to quit their studies just because of your financial resources should think of getting enrolled in top ranking universities across the globe through a scholarship program. Yes, scholarships are real and they let people like you continue your studies and pursue your dreams.

Country like Australia is also offering scholarship for studies worldwide. They have probably the best schools and universities from where you can finish your studies or go for higher education. The choices are ample when it comes to scholarships in Australia for Pakistani students.

From undergraduate, graduate to post graduate programs, also including post-doctoral degrees, the Australian institutions offer it all too eligible and aspiring students who have a knack for something good in future. Also, they offer scholarships in the best of fields and subjects. You can choose from a wide range of subjects according to your desire and requirements.

  • Endeavour Postgraduate Leadership Award (EPLA) 2018-19

    The financial support is necessary for any students by the government of different countries and their universities to continue their international studies. The Endeavour Postgraduate Leadership scholarship is also providing the financial support for the international applicant of Australian Universities in postgraduate course at Master or PhD level for the both year and 4-year program.

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  • International Undergraduate Scholarship in Melbourne 2018

    It’s a perfect opportunity for Pakistani students because they can apply for International Undergraduate Scholarship in Melbourne as University of Melbourne.

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  • Master & Doctoral Scholarships at Adelaide University of Australia, 2018-19

    The University of Adelaide is offering the Adelaide scholarship international to the brilliant students to attract the high-quality postgraduate overseas students to the research area. The university supports the research efforts strength.

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  • HEC-ECU PhD Scholarships for Pakistani Students in Australia, 2018

    Scholarship available for Pakistani students to pursue a Ph.D. program at Edith Cowan University Australia cofounded by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan for the year 2018.

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  • Master/Ph.D. Scholarships at University of Sydney 2017

    The University of Sydney offers the scholarship to the students who are eligible for the postgraduate research degree or Masters with the Research Program at the university. Students are free to apply for the USydIS (University of Sydney International Research Scholarship). The main objective of this scholarship is to attract the top best postgraduate students from all over the world to undertake the research projects that will enhance and improve the research activities of the university.

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  • University of Melbourne offer Undergraduate Scholarships for Pakistani Students, 2017

    The scholarship was introduced and established by the Melbourne University in the reorganization of the significant contribution. This scholarship is offered to international students to make the population of students distinguish.

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  • Excellence Scholarships for Pakistani Students at Griffith University in Australia 2017

    For the international students, the Griffith University is inviting the excellence scholarship applications. The university is offering the scholarship programs for the high achieving goals of the students of Nepal and Pakistan by applying for the undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the Griffith University.

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  • Helmut Veith Master Stipends for Female Students in Austria, 2017

    The Helmut Veith Master Stipends offered to all the females’ applicant from all over the globe. These stipends are obtainable to apply for the degree of master in the computer science field. The stipend’s goal is to encourage the female students to study.

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