Merit Scholarships

  You are a college student who is good in studies and wants to study higher but money is an issue. Scholarships overcome these issues and assist you in all your money endeavors so that you can continue with your studies and shape your future.

Merit based scholarships are awarded to students who are worthy, active and have extraordinary capabilities and strengths. The scholarships are based on their level of individual achievements such as sports, academic, artistic accomplishments, athletic accomplishments and more.

If you have all these abilities and the desire to continue your studies but lack resources, you can always apply for a scholarship based on merits. Many worldwide schools and universities offer this type of scholarship for students like you.

Check out all the schools and universities listed below offering the best merit-based grants and scholarships. You might be able to find one according to your needs and requirements. 

  • Nestle MBA Scholarships for Women from Developing Countries

    The Nestle scholarship for women was initially awarded in the year 1997 and was offered first by a group of IMD MBA participants. They start the scholarship to encourage the women to take the MBA.

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  • DAAD Scholarships in Germany Postgraduate Courses

    The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is offering the scholarship program in Germany for the brilliant international students for a variety of postgraduate programs at the known and famous universities. The major aim of these universities is to provide professional academic education to the young students of the developing countries.

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  • American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship

    The American University is offering the emerging leader scholarship is basic deliver to the high-achieving international students who are dedicated and wish to pursue their dreams in the US. The scholarship is given to the students to provide civic and social change. These are delivering to the students who then come back to their home land and improve the undeserved, under- resourced communities.

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  • Excellence Scholarships for Pakistani Students at Griffith University in Australia 2017

    For the international students, the Griffith University is inviting the excellence scholarship applications. The university is offering the scholarship programs for the high achieving goals of the students of Nepal and Pakistan by applying for the undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the Griffith University.

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  • Helmut Veith Master Stipends for Female Students in Austria, 2017

    The Helmut Veith Master Stipends offered to all the females’ applicant from all over the globe. These stipends are obtainable to apply for the degree of master in the computer science field. The stipend’s goal is to encourage the female students to study.

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  • At Goethe University in Germany, 2017 the Master Scholarship Program for Foreign Students

    Goethe University in Germany is accepting the application for the master scholarship program that is funded by Johanna-Quandt-Foundation Frankfurt. This scholarship is equally for the Germany and the foreign students. All of them are eligible to apply for it.

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  • The Transform Together Scholarships offered to International and European Union (non-UK) Students

    Transform together scholarships are delivered to the international students and the non-UK students to a full-time undergraduate or the postgraduate taught courses at the Sheffield Hallam University in 2017 or 2018 academic year.

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  • Graduate Scholarships in Canada for Pakistani Students, 2017

    The candidates who want apply for the Vanier CGS must be nominated by the institutions of Canada with a Quota at the criteria the students want to study and complete their degree. For this students must not have to apply for the scholarship directly.

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  • Warwick University Chancellor’s International Scholarships for PHD Programs

    The canceller’s international scholarship offered by the Warwick are annually allocated through a combined postgraduate research scholarships for the competition are open to the overseas students are offered in any discipline at university.

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