New Zealand

   New Zealand is an island situated in the Pacific Ocean. It has the 4.7 million populations and English is considering the official language of the country.  It is a developed country and is a high-income economy.

In the country, the education is obligatory from age 5 to 16 years but the majority of children attend the school from 5 years. It has the 99% literacy rate which is quite good. From age 15 to 29 all the citizens have the tertiary qualification. There are 5 types of tertiary institution that are owned by the government like wananga, college, specialist colleges, polytechnics & universities. For an international student, Australia stands at a 7th best place around the world. is providing the opportunity to the students of Pakistan to study abroad by consulting the expert education consultant of New Zealand. The consultant knows all the recent policies and the plans of the universities and guides the students of Pakistan with correct information.

The environment of New Zealand is idyllic and the students who want to study in the country have many opportunities. They are experienced and guide the students according to their capabilities and wish. The students of Pakistan can easily adapt their education style because of the language.

The benefits of getting higher education from New Zealand are many. The students get a chance to visit new places and explore them. They come to know about the culture and lifestyle of them. The education degree from abroad has a more worth then local degree in Pakistan. Go and learn from New Zealand.

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