is in the northern half of North America. It encompasses 10 provinces and 3 territories. It shares the border with the United State of America and has the cold winter climate in majority places. It gets independent in 1931. It is developed the country and is ranked 10th in earning the capita income.

According to the research, Canada is the most educated country in the world. The Canadian have gained the 51 percent of undergraduate and university degrees. It almost spends 5.3% on education every year from its GDP. All the states of Canada are accountable for the higher education of the adults. The Canadian students perform well in many subjects internationally particularly mathematics, science, and reading. is a reliable and the effective website. We are active and here for the students of Pakistan to study in foreign and make their career brighter.  The student gets the instruction from the expert consultants to study in Canada. They help in providing the information of the programs and the policies of different private and public institutions. Edu abroad will help the students and the consultants to make contact and get knowledge.

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