Study Cost in UK

In UK, the tuition fee structure for the undergraduate is varying significantly at international level. The fees start from £10,000 and go around about £35,000. For the medical students, who are interested in laboratory or clinical degree programs may go high while the social sciences and humanities tend low cost programs in the United Kingdom.

By combining the living and studying fees per year in the UK is significantly higher and is not affordable for many students. The approximate average cost that is consumed per year while studying in the UK is £49,000 that means the ~US $61264.

According to the research, it comes to know that the students who are living in England spend £ 12,056 on living per year, £150 on food and groceries per month and have the £ 1,350 on studies annually.

If studying in London is your dream, keep in mind that you have to pay £ 15,180 per year for the services and goods. The rents in London are comparatively high as compared to living on rent in the England. The better choice for the students is to share their rooms rent or get the place somewhere to stay in university.

UK tuition Fee for International Students

For international students, the United Kingdom offers the undergraduate fees for the year 2016/2017 starts from round about £ 10,000 and for the lecture based courses it costs £ 35,000. The medical students have to prepare because the expense of them are higher than other programs offer by the country.

For the postgraduate students, the tuition fee is offered £ 9,700 in 2016/ 2017 year and went up to £32,000. If the students select the laboratory based subjects, the fees set up from £ 9,900 to £ 25,000. On the other hand, the clinical degree such as medicine programs the cost starts from the £11,250 p to   £42,000.

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