Documents Required for Sweden

If you need the residence permission while a study in the Sweden, you need the following documents that are listed under:

Apply online for studying in the different colleges or universities. If you are applying online you need to submit the certificates and the documents electronically.

If you apply in a hardcopy, you have to submit all the requisite documents to the Sweden embassy. The things and the credential needed for applying.

You need the following documents:

·         If your application is in paper form, apply for the residence and doctoral students.

·         Passport should be valid and if you have the visa stamp for visiting the country, send these pages with application as well

·         Submit your statement of admission that helps in getting the admission in the Sweden University.

·         Show your statement of account of your bank to show the money.  Attach it with the application that should be in English with the date.


·         After applying, you get the acknowledgment of the admission with the scholarship that is issued with your name. You come to know about the monthly sum and all the expenses of the education.


·         Document of training grant

·         A payment receipt of the application and the residence permission

The Documents require for study in University College

 If you apply for the study in the university you need the following documents:

·         All the documents listed above

·         A copy of the documents with the health insurance valid in Sweden (stay less than 1 year)

Apply for Folk High School and Secondary School in Sweden

You need all the mentioned above documents, if you want to get the admission at a folk high school and the upper secondary school.

Apply For Other Studies

The applicant submits the required documents to pursue their dreams and learn about the courses they are interested.

By Accompanying Family the Required Documents are:

If you want that your family accompanies you in Sweden, you can apply on their behalf with your application. The documents that are required in the procedure are:

·         You have to submit the co-application to student or the Doctoral students

·         Passport pages copies with the identity and citizenship and the passport period validity.

·         Authentication the kinship documents are required.

·         The bank statement is important that shows that the family member has the ability to support its living.

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