How to Apply for New Zealand

There are few proper documents that are needed for Visa procedure

Approval application letter from the university where you are going to apply or study.

A paper of receipt of the initial payment that is paid to the university in New Zealand.

You should have a written assurance of your housing. During this procedure you should have original passport, and it must be valid at least for six months. Statement of bank also required to show the basic purpose of it just to show your strong financial situation.

Original Identity Card (ID).

Medical certificates to assure that you are not suffering from any disease.

Scholarship award (if you have got any scholarship)

English language course (IELTS, TOEFL) score report        

After submitting visa application you will be called for an interview by the Visa officer. If your interview will be successful you will get your visa after 3 weeks.

Visa necessities and visa dispensation principles exclusively depends upon the present rules of Visa agency and college where you are going to study. So the certification will be consequently.  

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