How to Apply for Malaysia

As an international student, you can apply for admission directly to the Malaysian universities of your choice courses. You can apply only to institutions that have been given the approval letter by the relevant authorities to accept international students. You may use the following steps for the admission of Malaysia:

Know What You Want to Study and Where

Firstly, you must decide the desired course whose relevance your recent qualification that you want to pursue in Malaysia. They will consider your academic require, career goals and your budget. Further the field of study, you must need to choose the level and kind of qualification you desire to have as well as the course duration.

In your find for an institution, if you need to decide that you have the relevant academic qualifications and English expertise to pursue the course of your choice. You may also want to contact the consultant which official representative of your selected university in your country or the overseas Malaysian Education Promotion Centre.

Applying to Study at a Malaysian Institution

If you want to study in Malaysia and you worried about it, you just applying to study at the Malaysian universities is a very simple process. You just complete the university International Student Application Forms for your desired course and send it to the University of your Choice with the following necessary documents and fees:

·         Copies of all relevant examination results and academic recent degree (if documents are in another language, you must translate the English language)

·         You must attach a completed accommodation form

·         A photocopy of valid international passport

·         A photocopy of CNIC

·         4 to 6 copies most recent and fresh passport sized color photograph

·         Personal medical health certificate

·         Application fees (ranging from US160 to US250, typically non-refundable)

You may get the application form online from the universities website or direct from the universities overseas representative in your country. You will be asked for proof of your academic achievement and expertise in English. If possible, you should apply around two months before the intake date.

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