How To Apply for Italy

Italy is the beautiful destination for the visitors and is the good point for the study. Students who apply for the Italy can do both. Italy is the place where you can find the oldest universities of the world such as the University of Bologna. For students, Italy is the right place to select for the higher educations in Italy.

To apply in universities in Italy:

Before finalizing the University for You, have a look at the following useful information:

·         Check the courses and the degrees they are offering to their reputable students to choose and about the qualifications and the career opportunities against that program.

·         View the masters and the bachelor’s degrees on their official website of the university in Italy.

·         The students in the students are ranked according to their grades they gain in their previous studies. So it is good to check the minimum grade of the universities to check the eligibility level of the admission.

·         The specific admission test may be attempted by the students for the certain specialized fields of the courses such as the engineering, medicine, architecture and others.

·         The students who are enrolled for the 10 or 11 years of studies proves that the students are cleared in the test of one year and two years exams to get admission in Italy.

·         Learn about the scholarship programs offered by the universities and the educational departments  in Italy

·         Follow all the steps of the university admission application process.

Applicants of Undergraduate Programs

Contact the university authorities in which you are interested in getting the educations. The connection helps to eliminate all the queries and to figure out the eligibility criteria and terms of the course you are interested in.

There are many online portals/ and the websites that help the student to gather information about the procedure and terms to submit the application form. The universities provide you feedback about the eligibility; it may be positive or negative. If you fulfill all the requirements of the course, then you have to resubmit the application in the Italian embassy with the following documents:

·         The Application form is required if the students want to get the eligibility letter from the embassy. It is known as the DV means Dichiarazione di Valoro in Loco. This certificate is compulsory because it is the acknowledgment that you are eligible for the foreign studies.

·         School leaving certificates and all the academic degrees that are completed in your own country. These all certificate and the degrees should be translated in the Italian and are legally authentic.

·         Attach two passports sized fresh photographs

The embassy passed all the documents of yours with the application form to the university; you want to study in Italy for the higher education. The lists of the students that get admitted to the prestigious universities of Italy are veiled off mostly at the end of the August.

Applicants of Graduate Programs

The steps for the graduation are same as the undergraduate applicants. The only change is that you have to provide the university certificates for higher education programs such as the bachelor’s degree diploma etc.

The language course is compulsory for getting the higher education.

Italian Language

The students who want to get enroll in higher education in the country requires learning the language for the minimal level of common European framework (B1). This will provide the students the language certificate e.g. CILS or CELI. This is important because in Italy there are some universities who held the language test for the students.  If the student is able to pass out the test with the good grades tat mean the student is capable and is eligible to complete the degree in the country and I allow applying for the degree.

But there are some institutions that provide the opportunity in getting the education and apply for the degree in English.

For degree in English

The non-EU students who are applying for the degree in the English require the present results of the English test language. The universities accept the valid test date of TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS and the Cambridge degree.

The students who represent that the degrees that proof the English as their bachelor’s degree minimum of three years are also qualified for the program.

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