Documents Required for Italy

Following is the list of the documents that are obligatory for applying for the study visa in Italy:

·         Attested identity documents

·         Passport sized pictures

·         Previous educational transcript

·         Application form of the university

·         Course description with the stat and end date and the credit hours of the applied course in Italy

·         Resume

·         Recommendation letter

·         Motivation letter

·         English and Italian language proficiency is compulsory

·         Art students requires portfolio

·         SAT or ACT official score

Deadlines of Application Submission

The deadline of the application submission is mid April to the mid May.  It is good to contact with the Italian embassy and ask for the academic eligibility and suitability (Dichiarazione di Valoro in Loco).

The each institution of the Italy is having the different deadlines for applications but the most commonly the following dates are considered by all:

·          For the Non-EU students - 1st  November to the 1st April

·         EU students – 1st November  to 1sth September

To get the right date for the application, check the institutions official website in which you want to apply.

After Getting the Acceptance letter

The application for the study visa is considered compulsory for the non-EU students. After landing the country, if you are staying there longer than three months, it is god to apply for the residence permission within the 8 days in the local police (Questura).

The health insurance is also important and it covers the at least the 30 k Euro. To plan the health insurance follow the below steps:

·         EU Students – they are holding the same health services as the Italian citizens holds

·         Non- EU citizens – have to pay for the health insurance policy before the departure in the country or have to purchase after the arrival as soon as possible. 

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