Why Study in Ireland

Irish universities and institutes have great record in studentships. There are famous seven universities are ranked within the top 700 in the 2016. Ireland provides everything from lavish green mountains to rich, cosmopolitan cities. As a Pakistani student you will have a great chance to experience all these things with a natural focus on best education in a society with near to no joblessness and a growing business nation. Ireland also provides a huge range of different chances irrespective of your choices and passions. Ireland also known as a famous city fill with international students because of its welcoming culture.

Ireland historically known as the “Island of Saints and Scholars” because of its long and authentic custom of education. Study in Ireland has ancient and enduring custom or offering high standard education as well as enormous past of helpful global students in campus, colleges, and universities and also in English language schools.


English language is much known in Ireland and this is the main reason this country is famous because of its English language and this language also considering as the international language. Moreover, language of Ireland is also very easy and common in the country, so if you want to have unique exposure and you are eager to learn something new then you may learn that language from there to have a little exposure of its culture.


As compare to other countries of all over the world, study in the Ireland also has been crunch with the economic issues. Although, it endure very reasonable in terms of finance and granting. There are many universities, and also international students they all are getting scholarships from these institutes, the basic purpose of all these studentships just to help and support international students so they could continue their study. There is another reason just to cover their annually charges and other fees in the whole era. The applicants who are approved as toppers on the base of test will acquire about double quantity of conservation scholarship.

Ireland universities

The government of Irish devotes almost 73 million per year in research study in Ireland’s higher education universities. The influence of this scholarships is that higher education universities of Ireland’s now take the globe in an enhancing number of stages. Irish universities also known as best because of its research influence 20 fields, Straddling natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities. This produces an exclusive chance for you at undergraduate and postgraduate level to join research programs that are lashing invention and altering lives universal.

Grading in the Irish Education System

The classifying system follows very carefully to the system used at UK universities. How precisely your closing degree grade is touched is usually faintly different for each individual university or institution. The grading looks like this:

· Above 70%: First class honors (a first)

· 65-69% Upper second class honors (a 2.1)

· 60-64% Lower second class honors (a 2.2)

· 55-59%Third-class honors (a third)

· 50-54% Ordinary

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