Study Cost in Ireland

Prices differ depending on the course, time period of a stay and also the life style and existence of pupils. Moreover, it is also observed that normal student may expect to pay between € 6,500 and € 10,000 in the cost each year. Ireland’s currency is the Euro ((€), however because Northern Ireland (which is home to two of the Universities in Ireland) is an associate country of the United Kingdom the money there is the Pound Sterling (£).

There are some students who are able for the Irish government’s free charges starting, which applies to the undergraduates of full time degree course. Whatever subject you selection campus to make sure that you are qualified or not. Like your tuition fees may be decreased to a pupil contribution of €2,500, and also an insignificant amount in the form of a student charge.

The tuition fees for non EU international students differ extensively from institution to institution and also course to course but as a guide you can see the regular range for postgraduate and undergraduate fees for the 2014/15 passé in the table below.

Subject Area

Undergrad Fees

Postgrad Fees

Business and Management

€ 9,000 – 15,500

€ 9,150 – 18,800

Science and Engineering

€ 9,100 – 20,300

€ 9,150 – 18,000

Arts and Humanities

€ 9,100 – 15,500

€ 8,900 – 20,000

Medicine and Health Studies

€ 31,000 – 45,000

€ 12,035 – 37,000

Living Costs

It has been estimated at present prices (2015) an international student will need between 7,500 to 12,500 Euros (€) per year for food, travel, textbooks, insurance, socializing and accommodation. The charges differs depending on locations in Ireland you will be learning, what kind of housing places you select and also how socially active you are during your study period.  The main share of this amount is accommodation. Each institution has an accommodation officer advisor who can deliver more information about on campus and nearby lodging during your studies.

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