Study Cost in Germany

On average, a normal student should have at least $10,500 per year to meet his/her educational and living needs. From this money approximately $550 is needed for the tuition fee and the remaining large amount is needed for living. The living need includes the transportation, rent, health, food etc and the amount needed for it is approximately $10,000.

The following data will let you that how much does it cost to live in Germany as an international student:

Rent of a shared flat

US$340 per month

Rent of hall of residence

US$275 per month


US$190 per month


US$60 per month


US$95 per month

Telephone, internet and TV license

US$38 per month

Study materials

US$35 per month

Leisure activities

US$80 per month


The table above shows the expenditure of daily routine, if we talk about the visa process, one as to pay US$70 to get your student visa and in order to get this visa you need to show that you have around US$770 per month to meet your living needs. Moreover you will have to pay a certain amount per month for your health and that is known as health insurance, that particular amount is approximately US$200 per month.

There are two types of programs offered in Germany. One is Undergraduate program and the other one is Postgraduate program. The cost for each program is different and the detail of this cost is mentioned below:

1.      Cost for Undergraduate program

Enrollment, confirmation and admin


Semesterticket for Transportation


Private University fee

US$2300 per year


2.      Cost for Postgraduate program

Public German University

US$12000 per semester

Private German University

US$35,000 per year

Admin and other costs for PhD

US$250 per semester


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