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China is investing greatly in the education sector over past few years due to the reason of partnership with UK and U.S universities. There are a number of international students that wonder and are on the rise. China attract many students for the lower cost of residence offer to the international students as compared to other countries of the world except the few universities who offer the affordable tuition fees

The average cost that is spent by the international students for accommodation are around 4000 USD and for the other living cost including food, transportation etc. are about 2,000 USD per year.

China is a 4th largest country in the world and that is one of the reasons that there is a significant difference in the prices regarding living. The cost of the living varies from region to region in a country.

Following is the details about the tuition fees, living cost, and the funding opportunities offer by the Chinese to international students.

Tuition expenses of Universities in China

There are following types of the universities in China. The tuition cost for them are listed below in detail:

Tuition Fees offered by Public Universities

The tuition fee offered by the public universities average range is in between the 3,300 to 10,000 USD per year.

•        In English medium courses, the tuition fees are between the 2,200 to 45,000 USD per year

•        Medicine, business, and engineering programs offer by the public universities fees are between 24,000 to 50,000 USD per year

•        The China universities with UK universities are offering bachelor’s degree in 12,000 USD per year and for master’s degree, the tuition fees are 13,500 USD per year.

Tuition Fees offered by Private Universities

Students can apply for the many British and American universities apart from several private Chinese universities. The tuition fees offered by these universities to international students are starting from the 8,000 USD per years and can lead around to 15,000 USD per year.

Affordable Universities in China

Below is the list of the most affordable universities in China with the details of their Tuition fees:

•        Samara National Research University has the average study fees 1800 USD per year

•        Nanjing University of Technology offers the study at average 4000 USD/ year tuition fees

•        University of Science & Technology of China has the average tuition fee 4,350 USD/ Year

•        Beijing Jiaotong University has average tuition fees 5,000 USD per year

Top Ranked Chinese University Offer Tuition Fees

Following is the list of the top ranked universities in china and the details of average tuition fees:

•        Tsinghua University has average tuition fees 7,500 USD per year.

•        Shanghai Jiao Tong University has average tuition fees in between the 5,000 to 12,000 USD per year

•        Fudan University is offering the average tuition fees in between 8,000 to 11,000 USD per year

•        Peking University has average tuition fees of 17,000 USD per year

Living Expense

The living cost in china is listed below in detail, have a look:

Average Living Cost in Different Cities of China

The Shanghai and the Shenzhen are the second expensive cities of china and here the average living cost is in between the 660 to 745 USD per month while Beijing is the most expensive city in the country and will require the 700 to 850 USD per month for the living.

In other cities of the china, you can manage with the 440 to 550 USD per month. This average cost also includes the accommodation if you select residence hall for the living.

Accommodation Cost Required

The Shanghai and Beijing in China are listed in the most expensive cities in the world to live despite this you can find some affordable options for living in theses expensive metropolitan cities in China. Thes rates in Tianjin, Sichuan or Jiangsu are lower.

Here is the list of some housing options available in China:

•        The student residence hall in china is having the rice range between the 150 to 400 USD per month.

•        Rent a Flat with one bedroom apartment charges the average rate in between the 250 to 1000 USD per month depending on the location, city and the available facilities of the apartment.

•        Home Stay is charging between the 350 to 550 USD per Month

•        Hostels are selected by the international students for living and charging rates starts from 18 USD per night for the private rooms

An international student prefers sharing of the residence or apartments. It is the common options for living and saving the extra expense.  The accommodations like Student Residence and the apartments to submit a security deposit of almost 300 to 460 USD. The utility bills of the living are around 50 USD per month that includes water, electricity, and gas.

Cost needed for Food

China is famous for the very affordable cuisines which are interesting, diverse and intriguing apart from the educational spot.

The meal that is available in the small local restaurants, fast food chain or the canteen of the university is available in 1 to 4 USD. The mid range of the food in china is available in between 4 to 7 USD which includes both the Chinese and the international food.

The per month expense of the food which is purchased from the local supermarkets lead around the 170 to 200 USD. Here you can also find the international food chain supermarket such as Carrefour, Metro, Auchan or Wal-Mart.  If you are buying the big shopping bag full of fresh fruits and vegetable from the market, it cost only 2 to 3 USD.

Transportation Cost

China offers the cheap public transport services and even taxi rides to the people.

Here is the list of the prices that are offered by Public Transportation:

•        City Bus charge 0.3 USD

•        Metro Bus charges 0.5 USD

•        Taxi Ride per Km in china cost 0.33 USD

•        Ride across in Town for 20 min in Taxi charge 4 USD

•        Student pass for the public transportation cost only 15 USD per month

Extra charges

•        For studying in China, a student requires the books and course material and for it, the average cost is 30 to 50 USD per semester is required and may be more for the students who are studying medicine, art or sciences.

•        Students have to do medical insurance of around 60 USD for the six months.

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