Documents Required for China

If you are interesting to study a specific course or program in a Chinese university, you have to be up to mark and check that whether you are eligible according to the application requirements or not. For the different courses and programs at different universities in china for the entry.

Below are the requirement mention according to the different level of courses in the Chinese universities are:

Non-Degree courses in China

 If you are applying for non-degree programs in the universities you required the following documents:

Pre-University Programs

You required high school diploma or degree equivalent to it for example A-level.

Language and Culture of China

If you are applying for the language and the Chinese culture, you need a high school diploma or the equivalent certificate. The age limit for the course is minimum 18 years old.

Degree Programs in China

If you are applying for the degree level program in China, it is compulsory that the candidate age limit is 18 or above 18 years. There are different educational requirements that are needed to attempt the degree course in China. Here are the list of few degree level programs offer by the country to international students.

Bachelor’s Degree

China is offering the bachelor’s degree in two major languages. The requirements for the international students for the degree are fully depending upon their language selection:

For English Medium

You required the following documents to apply in English medium bachelor's program:

•        High school Diploma or equivalent Degree like A-Levels

•        Recognize test result of English proficiency tests like TOEFL or IELTS. If you studied the previous course in English, you do not require to submit the Result of the English test.

For Chinese Medium

If you are applying for the bachelor’s degree in the Chinese language, you required the following degree:

·         High school Diploma or equivalent degree

·         College certificate

·         You need HSK results with 3 or above level

·         You have to clear the entrance test for the university to get admission

Master’s Degree Programs

China delivers master degree in English and Chinese language to international students. The credential requirement for both are mention below:

English Medium Degree

Student required the following documents:

·         You need the completion of bachelor’s degree

·         Need the two letter of recommendation from authentic persons

·         Recognized English proficiency language Test such as TOEFL or IELTS. If you studied the bachelor’s degree in English, you do not require the English test result.

Chinese Medium Degree

For the Chinese language master degree you need the following documents:

•        Completion certificate of bachelor’s degree

•        You need one or two recommendation letter from the professor

•        HSK result with up to 6 level or above to get admission in the university in Chinese language or pass the entry test of the university.

Doctoral Degree Courses

Doctoral degree courses in China required the following documents:

In English Medium Language

·         You need a bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree for applying

·         Require at least two recommendation letters from the professor

·         Test result of English language proficiency such as TOEFL or IELTS if you studied your previous course in some other language

In Chinese Medium Language

·         Master’s completion degree or equivalent degree is required

·         At least two letter of recommendation is required from the professor

·         HSK result should be 6 or above 6 level is needed or you have to pass entrance test 

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