Documents Required for Canada

There are various procedures to take admission in the Canadian universities. The requirements of the documents vary from institute to institute. Here we are going to discuss the general procedure and the requirements that ar5e needed to get the admission in the universities and the colleges of Canada for international students.

Documents Require for Undergraduate Programs

The requirements fully depend upon the institution you select for the undergraduate. The requirements are basically in the form of the prerequisites and guiding the assessment procedures in the certain colleges and the universities which are offering this reliable academic degree to international students. The document requirements are different for the international students from the permanent resident.

For applying for the undergraduate program, a student has to complete the 12 years education and for the post graduate, he/ she must have completed the sixteen years of academic education. Below in details, you can find the documents requirements for applying for the undergraduate program in the Canadian institutions.

You have to submit the following documents:

•        Completed application form

•        Transcript of high school or attested copy if applicable

•        All the transcripts from the post-secondary schools attended

•        Chronological résumé in detail is needed to demonstrate achievements done in education, the work experience, community involvements and all the related experiences.

•        LOI (Letter of Intent) also requires that provides the applicant's academic intentions is the applicants and why he/ she is applying.

The students who complete their 12 years education from outside the Canada have to submit the following:

•        The requirement of the documents that confirming your educational time period, in that situation you haven’t get the official transcript.

•        English language proficiency certificate

It is better for you to know that the major language used in the Canada are French and English. The universities of the Canada offers many of the courses in the English language to the students, and to apply for the courses students need to show the efficiency and command in the English language by passing the test. The most widely recognized English proficiency test is the IELTS in Canada.  Some of the universities of the Canada also accept the TOEFL test.  The test marks requirement is different for every institute and the courses of the study.  Few of the universities and colleges also consider the medium test assessment.  If you are applying for the MBA degree, you have the two years of work experience is compulsory and for some cases for the MBA degree GMAT is required.

Documents required for the Postgraduate Degree

The documents that are required for the postgraduate programs fully rely on the institution that is selected by them. Select the campus that is delivering and offering the master’s degree and further higher educations to students. The requirements of the documents vary for the resident persons and international students.

Below is the detail of the documents that are required to get admission in postgraduate in Canada institutions:

•        Fill application form

•        Degree or transcript of the postsecondary institutions

•        The professional designations documents are required where it is demanded

•        Academic reference letters needed to attest the readiness for the graduation studies. The students who are not having the work experience or without the academic experience letter will be acceptable.

•        Chronological résumé in detail required that gives the complete information about the achievement’s and work experience of the student's life

•        LOI (Letter of Intent) also requires that provides the applicant's academic intentions is the applicants and why he/ she is applying.

The international students who are interested in getting the higher education in Canada have to submit the following documents:

•        All the documentation that are confirming you’re awarded degrees of the academic records. Submit officials documents

•        The documents are required that confirms your equivalent degree if the education is done from the unrecognized institution of the world. The student has to submit the credentials from unauthorized universities.

•        Test certificate to proof English language proficiency


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