Study Cost in Australia

Australia proposals very inexpensive study charge and great respect for worldwide pupils to a valued education. Schooling charges for worldwide is pupils got early. These all charges will vary considering on the subject or university, however, the normal charge given below should be used as a support only.

Charge of study in an abroad country usually based on the money type of that country. Money and cash of Australis is known as Australian Dollar. That is about equal to 80 rupees of Pakistan. It also based on different field of courses you selected. There are lot of programs and for each program they have various different fee procedures.

Occupational education and exercise in Australia provide a great range of subjects. Charges range from Australian $ 5,500 to $ 18,000, depending on the genre and length of the subjects. Australian provides great education through providing shorter, very concentrated courses offer than other republics, thus plummeting the price of alive.

Estimated Tuition Fee in Australia


Fees (Dollars)

Fees (Rupees)

  Most Courses

AU$ 8,000 - AU$ 19,000

PKR 638,600 – PKR 1,516,800

  Science and Engineering

AU$ 15,000 - AU$ 26,000

PKR 1,197,500 – PKR 2,075,600

  Medicine and Dentistry

AU$ 25,000 - AU$ 36,000

PKR 1,995,800 – PKR 2,874,000

  Cost of Living (annually)

 AU$18,012 (approx.)

PKR 1,438,000

Expenses and their Weekly Cost


Cost (Dollar)

Cost (Rupees)

  Eating Out and Groceries

AU$80 - AU$200

PKR 6,300 - PKR 16,000

  Gas and Electricity

AU$60 - AU100

PKR 4,800 – PKR 8,000

  Internet and phone

AU$20 - AU$50

PKR 1,600 – PKR 3,400

  Public Transport

AU$10 - AU$50

PKR 800 – PKR 4,000


AU$50 - AU$100

PKR 4,000 – PKR 8,000


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