Documents Required for Australia

The first step that is compulsory for the international students is to apply for the course they are interested in doing. After applying, here is the list of the ways to submit an application for the higher studies in Australia:

Apply Online

If you are applying online (direct), download the application form from their official website.  If you are applying to a different institution or the single course, you have to submit the application form separately to each and every university in Australia.

Contact Australian Education Agent

There are many institutions that are having the number of agents in various countries.  The agents of the Australia have the complete knowledge of the programs of the different institutions and their websites to contact directly through them.

The documents are required with the application form to send to the institutions. The credentials are different, depending on the programs and the courses students are interested in studying there. Here is the list of the documents that are most important:

·         Academic certificates as a proof of your previous qualifications

·         Exam result of English language proficiency

·         Work experience documents in English (if applicable)

Offer letter – Acknowledgment  

If your application form of the study is successfully received by the University of the Australia, you will get the letter of offer. This is a letter to get you an acknowledgement of acceptance with your signatures. The letter is sent back to the intuition is the sign that you accept their offer.  This procedure is done via mail. Student gets the mail, print it, sign it ad send back by scanning the letter.  It is the legal agreement that is signed by you and in the institution.

In the offer letter, it has the enrollment conditions, enrolled in details, fees structure, policy and refundable fee situation in case you will not complete your course. The letter in the admission is really important part in determining the refund.

Tips of Letter of Offer

·         Read the letter carefully before accepting it and sending your acknowledgement.

·         Clear all your queries relevant to rights and the refund fees structure

·         If you are not satisfied with the terms and condition, do not accept it.

·         Keep the extra copy of the letter with you as a proof.

Enrollment Confirmation

When you accept the letter of offer and paid your admission fee, the student will go to get the electronic mail of the confirmation of the enrollment in the university known as eCoE.  This mail will provide you the detail description of the selected course from its start date to end date including the course outline.

Visa Application Form

If you are applying for the student visa to get higher education from the dream institution through the immigration department and the citizenship’s online.  For applying you just required the electronic confirmation of the enrollment of the university for your visa application. And if you are applying through the paper visa application, still you needed eCoE for approval of visa application.

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