Study in Australia

Australia is a combination of Tasmania island other small numerous islands. It is located on the Australian continent and is sharing a border with Indonesia, New Zealand, and the Solomon Islands. The population of the country is 24 million and generates the highest per capita income in the world.

In Australia, the education is compulsory for all the citizens. The literacy rate of adults in the country in 2003 is tremendous. It is 99 %. It is always among the top 5 major developed countries every year. In Australia there are39 universities that are offering their services to the student of which 37 are government funded and only 2 institutes are private.

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The international level of education in the country is highest among all the OECD countries. There is 38 percent of the total population who are the students in universities and college which is undoubtedly the highest percentage of all around the globe. The environment in the country regarding education for the students is ideal.

Hundreds of thousands of international students study in the Australia every year, creating dreams, studying in the Australia the number two option for Pakistani students in all over the world, and the second one the Australia. For Pakistani students that would like an English language education. 

With an amazing higher education procedure and lot of world class educational institutions, the Australia provides a lively exposure for Pakistani Students. Our study guide in Australia is planned to support you learn more about studying in the Australia as a Pakistani student, and also comprises stages on selecting the Australia as a destination, selecting a place within the Australia, and gain more knowledge about the country, like its history, culture, and adapting to life in your adopted country. 

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