What is the expense for Pakistani Students to study in Italy?

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If you are dreaming to study in Italy, you may also want to visit the towns and the known museums in the country, and also the meal. These all expense is much costly as compared to the living and the tuition fee.  So before visit and plan the study in Italy always plan the budget and list the best way to understand and gather the good stuff with the defining money.  In the other countries the most of the student work after their studies to support the finance and learn the great experience from the challenging environment.

What is the average Tuition cost in Italy for a semester?

The very large expense in the country is the tuition fee depending on the institution the student is selecting for them. When you get to enroll in the University of Pisa the student needs to pay $3,260 but in the CET art degree or to study Italian programs, the student pays $19,490 tuition fee.

The best way to get enrolled in the universities of Italy is through the program provider.  The students need to be proficient before taking admission in the Italian University. If you are considering the Florence you need to be good in the language.  Following we list the name of programs offered in the country with the cost that may vary with the time period.

The tuition fee of a semester for a student for direct Enrollment

  • Syracuse University Florence Center offers the degree in $30, 865 with the housing
  • The University of Pisa demands $3,260 in the year 2018
  • The American University of Rome demands the $3K to the $12K depending on the program selection
  • John Cabot University in Rome asks for $12,450 to the $17,350 for tuition fee depending on the credits of course selected.

Average Travel cost

After getting admission in Italian Universities you need to know how to get there and what is the total expense required.  If you are flying from the United States to the Rome the trip is approximately $400 to the $1700. But if you are traveling from the West Coast, and select the smaller city airport like the Milan or Florence the tickets of the aircraft is may be higher and have more connection to reach.

If you are from the west, the train option is also available but this is only good if you do not have much luggage. While from the airport the carrying and having everything can be much easier because you can get easily the shuttle service.

Living Expenses

Living in the country is also a tough task that you need to be concerned.  The cost of the living varies according to the area of the city or town you select for yourself.  If you pick Milan and Rome, there is the great cost that may spend only on housing, entertainment, and food but the Pisa or Siena are low expensive to live.

Other Cost to consider

Traveling and living are the main expenses abroad but you also need to sure that health may also be covered.  You must have the medical insurance that is the part of the application and check that it is not charging the extra fee from you.  When you are somewhere in the beautiful countries explore that completely and get the great memories and experience by interacting with the people of different culture.

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