How studying abroad help you to hire easily?

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If you really want to increase the chances of getting a good job after your studies, then you need to see the world? A recent research is showing the importance and the impact of the mobility on the skill development, employability, internalization of higher education and the institutional development in Europe. This activity shows that students are able to find a good job after the higher education gets from the abroad.

From the study, it becomes clear that the 70% of students who get a higher education were able to get jobs more easily and quickly after education abroad.  Based on the student personality it becomes clear that they had shown the great predisposition for the position in the organization before going to abroad for the higher studies.  When they come back to their country they effectively increase their value and advantage by 42% with the 81% to perceive the soft skill improvement with the software of the office.














In recent research, there are 64% of employees are exist who are considered for the position in the company by considering their international experience. It is important for reporting the students who get graduated from abroad, recruiting to pursue the better and great professional responsibility often.

The 92% of employee’s demands and preferred the recruits to have the transversal skills. And the 91% of the people said to prioritized the field knowledge while 78% needs and prefers the relevant experience of the work is more important to get success in the career.

The most interesting thing is that there is 1 out of three students took the position and hired abroad by the host companies and 1 in 10 among them started their own business. Above all there is still 23% of Erasmus students are unemployed than the norm.


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